Mr. Mehernosh Printer
MR. MEHERNOSH PRINTER, Director at N Jewellery Techniques Pvt. Ltd.
Core Specialisation : Jewellery Manufacturing Process

NJTPL was co-founded by him along with the Late Mr. Nariman H. Wadia, a well known figure in the jewelery industry since the last several decades.

Mr. Printer, started his career as an under-study of Late Mr. Nariman H. Wadia and has a strong background in Finance by education and a strong knowledge of jewellery manufacturing processes learnt over several years under Late Mr. Nariman H. Wadia.

NJTPL takes up consultancy work in complete factory set ups as also problem solving in jewellery processes representing some of the finest machinery manufacturers worldwide for every aspect of jewellery manufacturing. The best equipment available is selectively chosen for the specific needs of clients, advising on updates as and when required. Everything from inception to completion is taken care of.