Mr. Rajendra Jain
MR. RAJENDRA JAIN, Managing Director at Swarovski Gemstones, India
Core Specialisation : Gems & Jewellery Marketing

Entirely driven by Passion towards serving the gems & jewellery industry, Rajendra Jain is a visionary who has not only transformed Swarovski Gemstones growth trajectory but has also positively influenced the lives of those associated with Swarovski.

With more than two decades of rich experience in the industry, he has been honored with strings of awards for his praiseworthy contributions, both nationally & internationally.

As the Managing Director of Swarovski Gemstones India, he has been awarded the global Swarovski Spirit Award that fittingly reflects his determination to go beyond in the field, intent to put in the best always and the flair to drive his team creatively. A leader at anyone could look up to, he was also bestowed with Top 50 Indian Icons Award 2016.