Mr. Tehmasp Printer
MR. TEHMASP PRINTER, Managing Director at IGI India
Core Specialisation : Diamond Grading and Certification

With over thirty years of experience in concept marketing and corporate governance, Tehmasp Printer stepped into the diamond industry with the International Gemological Institute, IGI India in the year 1999. His initiation introduced diamond grading and certification practices to the Indian gem and jewelry fraternity. A breakthrough under his direction and guidance, was the introduction of mobile labs- one of the largest network to reach manufacturers and retailers in small towns and metros in order to provide certification services across India and beyond.

A  true architect of novel ideas, designs and trends, he was instrumental in creating a common networking platform for diamond professionals across the country through the IGI D’’Show, an annual buyer -seller knowledge meet. The unique marketing initiative has the country’’s premium diamond and diamond jewelry manufacturers and retailers connect, associate and explore new and beneficial commercial avenues.

With IGI, Tehmasp Printer has introduced the fifth C, that of confidence in diamond grading and certification, paving way to a highly optimistic scenario for diamond zealots across India.