Mr. Uday Chinai
MR. UDAY CHINAI, Chairman and MD at BVC Group of Companies
Core Specialisation : Logistics

Mr. Uday Chinai Loves his work to the core & is a visionary who has expanded his business in a way that his company has everything which a brand needs to boast of. His generosity, gratitude and thoughtfulness for others can be reflected by a number of CSR activities he is involved in. His hands-on-approach has spearheaded growth within each business vertical. He has Pioneered path-breaking innovation across the Indian logistics industry & logistics of valuable cargo. His understanding and involvement of operations in various industries have helped BVC Group of companies achieve its success.

Uday Chinai is a person who is polite, gentle and cordial and his words are always straight from his heart.

Born to Bhagwanji and Rajni Chinai, where the company derives its name (BVC), he experienced the most basic operations of the job under the guidance of his father who was also the founder of BVC Group. Mr. Uday Chinai joined his father’s business in 1980, with a vision to expand the business and make it big.

His journey into world of gems and jewellery started with the clearance of diamonds he was taking for the company. With over 30 years of being in the business, Mr. Uday Chinai has developed close relations with experts from all companies in the industry across all levels of management, irrespective of their clientele status with BVC.

In a span of 50 years, BVC progressed from establishing a logistics company to a huge trade name that made a place for itself in national as well as international arenas. The company took a plunge and expanded into different streams - from BVC Clearance in 1960, BVC Logistics in 1975, BVC Security in 2001, BVC Tourism in 2005 to BVC Brinks in 2013.

BVC Logistics is a market leader in providing integrated solutions within express logistics, contract logistics, project logistics, ocean and air cargo. BVC’s global network enables services to over 100 countries. Within India, the BVC’s domestic network extends to over 3000 pin codes.

BVC has been actively involved in various CSR activities, has countless awards and accolades to its credit. To name a few, BVC got the Best Logistics Company in 2011 by GJF. Bagged the award in same category by IBJA, in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Again, it received the Best Logistics Company by Small Business Awards of 2013. In the year, 2013 and 2014, once again, the company was applauded for Best Logistics Company by GJTCI year, 2013 and 2014, once again, the company was applauded for Best Logistics Company by GJTCI, IBJA award on 1st Dec 2015, Clearing Agent of the Year by GJEPC in 2016, Winner in India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2017, latest being Clearing agent/flight forwarder of the year 2017 At The 43rd India Gem and Jewellery Awards ceremony presented by GJEPC.

B. V. Chinai & Co. most earnestly called "BVC" possessed its identity since inception, and still remains on clients minds because of its services. Shri Uday B. Chinai son of Shri Bhagwanji V. Chinai holds the name and fulfilled the dream of his father, by extending the company's services to higher goals. BVC is one of the leading clearing and forwarding agency in the diamond gem & jewellery industry. The first diamond parcel was cleared by BVC!

Since childhood Uday was nurtured to have competence in acquiring business knowledge and was gaining confidence to grow like his father.