About Us

GemAtlas Is a Global Community of the Gems & Jewellery Industry Backed by a Functionality That Provides You With The Most Advantageous Business Leads

GemAtlas – the first online B2B portal for the gems and jewellery industry, was established in 2013, with the express purpose of making it quick and effortless for small and large industry players to market their products and services to the right people and gain access to the best products and services providers. GemAtlas, which has a membership-based business model, has quickly grown to become THE global online destination for industry businesses and professionals to connect, exchange services and grow.

GemAtlas is a virtual meeting-place for the industry to seek and offer products and services in all areas of the gems and jewellery B2B channel, including allied services. It provides you with an Easy-to-search-through database of manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, exporters, service agencies, consultants, bankers, government agencies and many more! We currently have over 75 Categories of Business Profiles, and classified listings of these as well as the 125+ services categories.

GemAtlas has developed and runs on its platform, state-of-the-art algorithms, which ensures each of your posts go to only the people to whom it is highly relevant. Similarly, you will receive queries that have been deemed relevant to you. We ensure you automatically acquire only the most valuable business leads.

The Portal is run by experienced Industry Professionals and Technology Experts. Our team is made up of diverse and talented individuals who work endlessly to create a supportive online environment for the Gems & Jewellery community. 

The portal is easy to use. Please read the 'How It Works' page for details.

Besides being a gems and jewellery portal that helps the trade connect, promote and grow business, GemAtlas acts as a think-tank for larger industry concerns. We have been holding monthly Webinars and publishing Articles by industry leaders and experts in different arenas. The Free membership category entitles you to receive our monthly e-Newsletter and e-mail notifications of the links for our Webinars.

There are also some advertising locations on GemAtlas. One can place Banner ads on various pages of our Monthly Newsletter.

When you become a part of GemAtlas, you have access to products, services, people, jobs, news, updates and insights that help you excel. We invite you to explore the possibilities with us.