GemAtlas success story published in 25th anniversary Coffee Table Book
by EU Chambers of Commerce in India.

Gematlas.com is an industry-specific website created to become the online community destination to connect, promote and grow businesses within the Diamond, Gems & Jewellery industry. GemAtlas is an organization led by a professional team with experience in different verticals of the gems and jewellery industry as well as IT. The Company was incorporated and commenced business in Mumbai in March 2013. It was formally launched at IGJME 2013.

The global change in order and the disruptive situation faced by many industries including the gem world germinated the seed and evolvement of Gematlas.com.

GemAtlas is a brain child of three youngsters - Prithvi, Akash & Nicole Manilal from a traditional jewellery family. The younger generation was observant of the many lacuna & disadvantages faced by the global fragmented gem and jewellery sector. Wanting to amalgamate the industry and fast track business growth, the trio smartly incorporated IT solution to connect the Gems and Jewellery trader and businessmen on a global forum .

Technological innovation has changed the business dynamics of many business sectors and hence the GemAtlas team felt that there was a need to use technology to also help and guide even the more conservative and secretive gems and jewellery sector players to help them not only connect and generate business more cost effectively but also help all the gems and jewellery sector businesses be future ready.

In the earlier decades there were fewer players and hence competition was minimal. With time, due to the ingeniously implemented global marketing and awareness programs, huge demand was generated, which led to excess production, lower margins and diminishing marketing budgets, and thereby escalation in competition. GemAtlas.com was incorporated with the intention to: Dissolve all unnecessary barriers of the old order which bred monopolistic practices; Widen the horizon market opportunities for “one and all” stakeholders to benefit unilaterally; To make the business more transparent for the new generation; And to thwart the disruption seen recently in the gems industry.

'First of its Kind Globally' - GemAtlas is an online B2B platform for the global gems and jewellery industry. It is an online interactive networking community , to connect, promote and help businesses grow within the industry globally 24X7X365 . Here to unite and empower, this platform is a virtual meeting place for ‘all’ associated to the Diamond, Gem & Jewellery industry. From concept to creative, GemAtlas can help you build and expand your business efficiently. A one-stop referral for all trade contacts across the globe, GemAtlas allows Gems and Jewellery players from 125 diverse services and 75 categories like manufacturing sectors to exhibit, promote, and share their works within the industry by tapping into an 'industry specific' audience. GemAtlas facilitates reaching out to the entire global Industry, instantly!

GemAtlas also intends to become an important knowledge-hub for the industry. The Company organizes webinars on topics that are of immense interest to the industry. It has facilitated webinars like: a) Planning for the New Year by Mr. Ernest Blom, President World Federation of Diamond Bourses, b) Why Certification? by Mr. Tehmasp Printer & Mr. Ramit Kapur, IGI and c) Diamond Futures Trading - First time in the history of World by Mr. Utkarsh Sharma, DVP, ICEX and Mr. Riddhish Parekh, AVP, ICEX and many more .

GemAtlas gives you the virtual space to advertise your products effectively to an organized database of the industry and also provides you with a searchable database of manufacturers, suppliers, service agencies, consultants, bankers, government agencies and many more service categories having 75 categories and 125 services.

Some facts about gematlas.com to be highlighted:

  1. Beta launch of the portal was done during the IGJME 2013, Surat

  2. GemAtlas has participated in exhibitions, including:

    IGJME 2013
    IIJS Signature 2015
    IIJS 2015
    IIJS Signature 2016
    IIJS 2016
    IIJS Signature 2017

  3. GemAtlas launched its Android Mobile App and iOS Mobile App.

    What role does the GemAtlas play?: Change is a must! GemAtlas is helping the industry gain great value by being actively online. Gematlas.com is a universal platform for all players of the industry to grow their business and business contacts. The Company plays the role of a catalyst to help you grow business and stay updated with the latest information. With the mere click-of-a-button ones saves time while achieving greater focus and outreach at one’s convenience of time; place and when mobile.

  • Future of GemAtlas in Global Space: Gematlas.com has been created for anybody and everybody connected with the Gems & Jewellery industry, be it a miner, diamond manufacturer, jewellery retailer or a machinery supplier from 75 categories and 125 services. The Portal is a one-stop destination for all business needs. It’s a global platform that offers everyone the same benefits to perform and grow.

We have received a good response from the industry across the globe and 30% of members are from the international market. Esteemed members of the industry acknowledged early on that the business concept is a very promising one and are very happy to be members of GemAtlas. Several have been kind enough to offer testimonials . The Portal allows you to stay on the business 365 days and around the clock.