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What Does a Successful Elevator Pitch Entail?

Published Date : Sep 1, 2018

Elevator pitch! As the name rightly suggests, it means pitching your business operations or business idea in a succinct manner, as one would during an elevator ride with a potential investor, business associate or client. In today's day and age of short attention spans and super hectic lives, no one has the time or energy to go through long monologues of business plan explanations. Also, when you meet people briefly and unexpectedly, it’s a game-changer if you have a proper, effective elevator pitch ready. Elevator pitches should be anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes.

So, what does a successful elevator pitch entail? 

The key ingredients are as follows:                                                                 

1. USP: 

What’s your unique selling point? What is the key differentiator that distinguishes your product/ service from your competition?


2. Target Audience: 

Define your target audience well and explain “what’s in it for them"? Having the "consumer first" mindset will clearly explain the benefits of your offering. 


3. Why you?: 

Investors invest money more often in 'YOU’ and not the idea alone. They are interested in knowing your background and achievements to trust you with their investments.


4. Smile! 

It’s very important to be calm and to smile. Being unnerved is a complete no-no. Let your passion come across in your body language and demeanour. 


So, are you ready to develop your elevator pitch? Do so and you will be able to grab passing opportunities and make something great out of them!

- By GemAtlas Team